Takamina: Sweet leader o Dark Lord
Yes the título seem crazy but please here me out on this. So if tu ever watched any of the Harry Potter cine tu know that students get placed into separate houses. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Voldemort was in Slytherin and so would Takamina.
I know what tu may be asking, how could Takamina be in Slytherin when she's obviously a Gryffindor? Well here are some of the characteristics of a Slytherin; values ambition, cunning, leadership, and resourcefulness.
Values ambition, Takamina was one of the most ambitious akb48 member to date. Her dream was to perform in Tokyo Dome and she achieved it.
Leadership, not only was she Team A captain but she was also general manager for AKB.
Resourcefulness, she was an original AKB member. They had to be very resourceful.

Now that is just the surface of things. The siguiente part of this theory is down right conspiracy theory level. I'm talking FBI CIA level conspiracy. So if tu don't like to be mind f*cked stop lectura this.

First let's talk about another house. Ravenclaw. What might tu think about when tu think of Ravenclaw? Blue? Ravens? Now think of an app the color blue and has a bird on it. Twitter.

Now lets talk about Rowena Ravenclaw, the founder of Ravenclaw. Rowena was know for her intelligence. She had a daughter, Helena Ravenclaw. Who is also know as the Gray Lady and más popularly The Ghost of Ravenclaw.
Name an app that has a ghost on it. Snapchat.

Thus all the information we need is on Twitter and Snapchat.

But for now let's go back to Slytherin. Now what animal represents the house? A snake.
Now what female pop estrella that was accused of being a snake via snapchat?
Taylor Swift.
Cr: Taylor rápido, rápido, swift Please don't sue me

Who was dragged via Twitter for being the biggest snake of all on Twitter?
Kim Kardashian.
Cr: Khloe please don't sue me

Aside from being richer than all of us combined what do Taylor rápido, swift and Kim Kardashian have in common? They both only speak English.
Now I know what tu might be thinking, why does it matter that both of them only speak English? Well what if I told tu that its has EVERYTHING to do with this.
tu see Voldemort spoke another language Parseltongue aka snake language. Taylor rápido, swift and Kim Kardashian, being actual snakes speak Parseltongue everyday other wise known as ENGLISH. Now back to Takamina. What language does she speak? Japanese. Newer fans may not know this but Takamina can speak English. Example below:

Now tu maybe wondering why I keep comparing Kim Kardashian and Takamina a lot, well like I dicho before the answer lies in Twitter. Not many Japanese fans know that if tu try to translate Takamina name Kanji name (高橋みなみ) on Twitter we get this...

Kim Kardashian.
Ok but doesn't that make Taylor rápido, swift and Kim Kardashian Voldemort instead? No because tu are forgetting one commonly over looked fact about Voldemort, that Voldemort is not his real name. His real name is Tom Marvolo Riddle... TMR... T M Revolution.

What is TMR's most iconic songs. Hot Limit.

What año was it released?
1998 the same año Voldemort died.

Ok but doesn't that make TMRevolution Voldemort?
No tu see the only difference between Voldemort and TMREVOLUTION is that Voldemort is bald.
But Takamina isn't bald...
tu see Takamina and TMREVOLUTION had a collaboration stage... TakaMinaRevolution...TMR...and what song did they perform? Hot (1998). What on that stage that makes it one of the most memorable moments in música mostrar history... Takamina's wig flew and she was bald on stage.

But it doesn't end here folks. tu see Voldemort died May 2 1998. How old was Takamina? 7!
"...isn't seven the most powerfully magical number, wouldn't seven-?"
Who dicho this? Dumbledore? Harry? Nope Tom Riddle. Seven is so important to the Harry Potter series that it even has it own link

So inclusion, Takamina is The Dark Lord himself, a Slytherin but most importantly The Heir of Slytherin, and Kim Kardashian.

Thank tu for coming to my Ted Talk. Please remember that everyone has fears. It's just some people fear death and become a Japanese idol in order to escape it. Avada Kedavra
Much amor to The Heir of Slytherin