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Chapter 10: pedo snake's replacement:enter good boy tobi!!

The siguiente day,leader-sama called a meeting.I nearly pissed my pants when this venus flytrap popped out of the ground with blood running down the edges of his lips."WHAT THE HELL!?!"I shouted as I jumped into kisame's arms."relax kyo-chan,its only zetsu...." kisame dicho gently while patting my head."zet-who?" I asked confused. "I'm zetsu,I eat the remains of jinchuuriki host and serve as the group spy..." he explained. "Who're u?" He asked,sitting siguiente to kakuzu. "I am kyoto toriyaka,the great great great great great granddaughter of the...
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akatsuki Chatroom 2


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Deidara: I'm sick of being a guest on this site...
Kakuzu: But getting a estrella membership costs $30
Hidan: So what? tu have enough ####ing money we could get it.
Sasori: Hidan tu need to be más careful with what tu say! A mod
can come anytime
Hidan: So? what if they do?
Sasori: You'd get banned
Deidara: If we get estrella membership we wouldn't get banned. Just ignored
Hidan: Plus tu have a profile, we could get cool usernames.
Kakazu: I'm not...
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posted by NoobieXXXL
Hi guys i'm back and por da way my name is noobieXXXL if tu can leave a comentario on what tu wanna read i'll do my best to get the information(and try to leave a apoyo in my perfil thx!)Meanwhile,i'm juz gonna post más artículos in different clubes too and be sure to rate it!
Kisame Hoshigaki is a male(duh) and is 29 years old(By da way,his name meansdemon shark.).He is 1.95m tall(6'5") and weighs 83.1kg(183.2 lbs) anh his bloodtype is Type AB.His partner in the akatsuki is Uchiha Itachi and is a missing nin from the hidden mist.He carries a sword called Samehade(sharkskin blade) and once its is unfolded,it is a very lethal weapon.It also sucks chakra from people few inches away from it.It only allows Kisame to use it.
Well,thats all for the moment.Be sure to check out my future articles.Remember to leave a comentario of what tu wanna know o help me bye leaving a prop!Thx and bye for now!
posted by NoobieXXXL
Hi guys this is my first articulo and in the future i'm gonna write más so i hope your support me!Today its about Uchiha Itachi.
He is 17 years old and his birthday is on 09 June.HIs zodiac his gemini(i think) and is a S-class missing nin from Konoha(leaf village).He is an member of akatsuki and is partners with Hoshigaki Kisame.His only living relation is his little brother Sasuke.His famous quote is: Foolish brother, if tu wish to kill me, hate me, detest me, and survive in an unsightly way. Run, run and cling to life.He is an extraordinary ninja who graduated from the Ninja Academy at the...
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