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Another 'word of advice' from Michael Buckley.
michael buckley
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boyfriends side..
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Source: Me! And Me Alone!
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Ok, here it is,
One día I'm at school, just minding my own biz, and talking to my friends. Then one of my ex boyfriends friends comes up. Hes all," Hey, heres a note from Robert." So I read it. It read,
If I could have 3 wishes, it would be to have the girl I amor back who burnd me, and to have enough money to buy her whatever she wants...
Obvisosly, hes talking about me. We dated last year, now... hes still on my shoulders, like an annoying loro that won't go away. My friend told him that I wanted to go back out with him... and I don't!
Then...*sighs* then, theres my online boyfriend... hes sweet, charming, and we do things... I've known Robert longer, but my amor for him..(online bf) is so strong... we talked with our voices today and I almost screamed...
But the probolm is, is that I'm tring to break up with Robert, but every time I'm about to say it, he gives me a gift o when I say it, he laughs and thinks I'm joking.. What do I do?!?!
posted by Emmett4ever
Though sometimes we feel like we have this huge weight on our sholders. We feel so alone in this world. That no one cares for us. But we just have to open our eyes and look right siguiente to us. We always have someone there for us. We are never alone.
Life is like a game. But it only has one mode and one mode only...hard. But to me it seems better that way. Like I dicho Life is a game but when tu have instructions to win it doesn't it get boring quickly. Life wasn't made to be easy. I learned that the hard way..but someone very special to me once told me "Make Life what tu want". tu are the only...
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posted by Cullens4eva
Hi people. well im starting up an consejos column for those people who need consejos through situations and questions. If tu yourself find your stuck in a problem correo electrónico my account at this is my special account i use for people needing help. Dont worry anything tu say will never be told to anyone else, thats my promise. If tu dont think tu trust me then send it to my fanpop account. im here to help those stuck.

please if tu need advice, just try it.

the new Dear Annie