consejos Should I ask for the ring back?

bryllek7 posted on Sep 10, 2018 at 11:21PM

I was engaged to my then girlfriend but we unfortunately broke it off before we could even finalise the wedding date. We discovered how different we were and how we actually want different things. I wanted kids, she didn’t. I wanted to stay in New York, she wanted to move to L.A. Those were the factors neither of us could ignore.

When I proposed to her, I gave her the ring of my abuela. You know how Peru ladies are very traditional? So abuela gave it to my dad when he proposed and said to pass it on to me when I eventually pop the question. It has so much value to the family. Kind of an heirloom. Now that we’re not engaged, should I ask for the ring back from my ex? If I should, how do I ask for it back? We’ve been separated for 2 months now, btw.

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