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How can i get my bff back?

My friend jana was my bff since we were in grade 2 but in grade four i moved to another class but we were still friends,we used to meet in the break and after school.
But in grade 5 my class friend noureen dicho that that she wants to play with me in the break time so i dicho ok and we used to play together me,noureen,jana and noureen's friends : shahd and habiba.
but in the segundo half of grade 5 jana told me that she doesn't want to play with us in the break cuz she doesn't like noureen.
I got so sad and every break time i asked her if she wants to play with us but she dicho no.
So in grade 6 she almost forget about me and when she saw me everyday in school she just waved but like i am just a friend.
So she always hanged out with her friend nour and she forgot me totally she always dicho that she is her bestfriend and het soulmate and she cant live without her even on whatsapp her status was nour is my life nad she always publicado on facebook pics with her and dicho she is my whole life and my corazón
And when i talk to her i say hi how are you? She says i'm fine and ends the conversation like we were never bestfriends.
And when i told her can we be best friends again? She dicho that she is now nour's friend and we can be just friends
but i really want to get rid of nour and get my best friend again what can i do? Please help me 😖😵😥

 Nourythebest posted hace más de un año
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iluvdemdem said:
tu sai tu want to get rid of nour but tu are better off embracing the fact she is there. Two friends is better then none, especially when that invloves your best friend.
Try talking to your bff o sending her a message to tell her how tu feel and that its been effecting tu and try talking to nour and get to know her a little better, tu never know tu might really like her.
I know what it's like to loose a friend but tu do have to give a little to get a little. Don't push the other girl away and try not to be too possesive towards your friend. más than one isnt always bad.
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posted hace más de un año 
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