Once, this place had activity in it.

People were talking, laughing, discussing minutiae details about this "children's show" containing adult topics (including philosophical backdrops about certain subjects but who cares).

These people had come and gone. Busy, perhaps, in the real world which demands us to be multiple men in a single body. We cannot say where, why and how they have come upon this site.

Maybe the pursuit of interaction with other girls and boys with shared interests. Boredom. An impulse to toy with emotions with carefully crafted insults which strike the cracks in someone's armor.

Now goes a reflection on a minor detail.

We can see that in every genderbent episode, the Ice King tells stories to others, which the characters tell their stories to others, ad infinitum.

But how deep does the rabbit hole go?
Is it fair to say that multiple dimensions exist in the world of Ooo, an insane ice-powered individual wishing that certain heroes existed to listen to his o her stories?


This may be one of many dimensions which we leave our stories for others to read, o to collect dust for ages to come. This may be our wishes to let others see the worlds we have created.

Let not all our efforts come to waste.