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ace2000 posted on Dec 03, 2016 at 04:46AM
Basically, this is a place for people to ask me questions about myself and my opinions. If a question is too personal (which I doubt will ever happen), I'll let you know - no sweat :)
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hace más de un año a11-swift said…
Hi! Just curious why Rapunzel of all attracts you? Do you and her share a common trait?
hace más de un año ace2000 said…
ooh good question

Here's my answer (it's going to be in-depth bc I have a lot to say lol):

Rapunzel and I have a LOT in common!

We both:

are very bubbly and dreamy
are a bit emotionally vulnerable
are a bit jumpy
are not quick to judge personality
are eager to learn

want to be free from certain things (Rapunzel: Mother Gothel and the tower. Me: OCD, inattentive ADHD, seasonal affective disorder, mild Asperger's, and anxiety.)

agonize over what we want for ourselves and what others want us to do
try to take other others' feelings into consideration when doing things
share a lot of the same hobbies - art, reading, chess, playing an instrument, singing

In the end, she represents the version of me that I want to become - a "me" not under the control of things I don't want to be controlled by, and a "me" with a life (not that my life right now isn't good, but it could be a lot better) :)
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a11-swift commented…
Thank tu for replying! I see how tu want certain things to be and tu have probably seen that Rapunzel has a good ending, and I am sure tu will be able to be free of those things tu want to be of <3 hace más de un año
ace2000 commented…
:)) hace más de un año
hace más de un año yorkshire_rose said…
Hi Dear Friend.
You say you have a love of animals :)
What is your favourite animal and do you have any pets ?
 Hi Dear Friend. tu say tu have a amor of animales :) What is your favourite animal and do tu hav
hace más de un año ace2000 said…
I don't think I have one specific favorite animal, but I am partial to animals that possess high intelligence - dolphins, parrots, crows, dogs, horses, elephants, etc. :)

I don't currently have any pets - the only pet I ever had was a "mosquito fish", which was fun to have while it was alive.
yorkshire_rose commented…
Yes I see what tu mean all of those animales have high intelligence.I adore Border Collies they are very intelligent,hard working and loyal. hace más de un año
yorkshire_rose commented…
mosquito Fish? that's different :) hace más de un año