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This might sound really stupid, but for some reason I'm much intrigued. What of these ANIMALS?

1. This black tomcat with a chewed ear in King's Landing, the one Arya chased and the one that estola some comida from Lord Tywin's plate during a feast and made King Robert laugh so hard he almost cracked, could this cat be Princess Rhaenys's black kitten? Varys says Rhaenys had a kitten that followed her everywhere and wondered what became of him. And Cersei dicho black gatitos would bring ill luck to Tommen just as Priness Rhaenys proved.

2. This beast peck along the Trident, led por huge she-wolf, savaging men, hunted por Saltspan, Maidenpool and Darry, helping (?) the outlaws, it's led por Nymeria, isn't it? Nymeria as in Arya's direwolf lost along the Trident near castillo Darry. (This might turn out during book 5, if so, sorry, I'm just finishing A Feast for Crows.
 delamico posted hace más de un año
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Saejima said: select as best answer
posted hace más de un año 
thanks, yeah, well that's what I wrote too, what they write here...
delamico posted hace más de un año
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