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posted by twitdrama
"They're coming!Theyre coming!" Dipper woke up early and started to jump on the bed. As for that he woke up the whole shack. Their Grand-Uncle Stan slammed The Pines twins door open. "OH WHO'S COMING?!" dicho q Stan pretty annoyed. "My Best friends! THE GROOOJBAND" Dipper had más energy lthan he usually did but Mabel silently was sleeping. "What's with her?" Stan dicho after taking a sip from his cup of coffee. Dipper shrugged and tore Mabel's blanket off her. Mabel formed herself into a ball and was lying with earmuffs on. Dipper took off Mabel's earmuffs and she automatically woke up. Mabel dicho "Whas the deal?" She rubbed her head. "What's the boy talking about?" Asked Stan. "Oh his friends are coming to Gravity falls tommorow. I heard that they don't have a place to stay at. " "No place to stay at. Huh?" Gruncle Stan smirked and quickly walked out the door.
posted by jeweleryfan11
I am doing this to a great gal named Sparkles3 it is you're going down from Ahead of our tone
1! 1! 1! 0!
You're going down
You're going down
You're going down
I'll close your page
You're going down
Back to the stone age
Sit right back and let me dial tu up
A big kick for your sorry butt
I'll do a blitzkrieg on your wires
Transmit tu back to the techno fires (?)
You're going down
You're going down
You're going down
I'm filled with rage
You're going down
My foot and your face will engage
You're going down ♫♪
posted by jeweleryfan11
OH Oh, there's nothing like a perfect thing
To make me perfect when I sing
A perfect diamond in a ring
A perfect chocolate anything

Perfect is as perfect does
And perfect ain't what perfect was
And now it's got us all abuzz
there's no más perfection because
Nothing is perfect
Don't try to make it so
You've wrecked our Swiss party
And now you've got to go!

Yodel break!
Yodel Yodel Yodel le he ho 8x

There tu go! Thanks for coming out every one! Looks like Core ditched the hat again...
posted by jeweleryfan11
This is the song From all tu need is cake called "Please come back"
Corey:Used to be a amor between us
Laney:Then suddenly that amor was gone
Corey:Now everywhere i turn your missing
Laney: Like a hairless cat it feels so wrong
Corey:I let we be about me
Laney:And let us fall apart
Corey:Wrong is what I know i'll always be
Laney:Can we de- end an restart
Both: Please come back! Please come back!
Corey: My life without tu ain't worth jack! Laney: I threw tu away!
Corey: Like a pile of old stuff!
Laney: I'd take all the blame!
Both: No I've had enough! I'm nothing without you! OK maybe not nothing but a whole lot less! It's true!
There it is! BTW this is the first episode Core doesn't have his hat! We can't see it normally because it has hair gel. Thanks for coming out everyone! (closes garage)
posted by twitdrama
So as I heard grojband will air on te ninth in Canada. I predict that the American fecha will be somewhere after the 13th.
So this is not a segundo season this is the half of the first season.
We have another group of 13? Episodes.
Also I doin the storyboard of The episode 'Pirate Lounge' I don't have a link but it's about Mayor Mellow.
Grojband makes a lounge. Then the pirates we know looks for gold. Trina becomes the queen Of pirates and she goes (love)diary mode because of her car?

Anyways, buckle up your belts and get ready to rock with grojband!
So as for te segundo half of season two. The episode names are revealed and I'm making some prediction :D so here they are

Grojband Episode Predictions
Rockersize: The Grandmas.
Rock the House:Maybe a house party o the continuation of the Chicken Pox episode :U
War and Peaceville: TRINA VS. COREY
Myme Disease: I remember on lanes reference sheet there was a pic of laney as a mime but I didn't see the others as mines. So if this is cartoon logic. There is a disease that turns everyone into mimes and Laney gets tht disease and the band has problems.
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This is part 2 to a freaking fanfic that makes me wanna die. Here is the link: Can't find it so do not mind it

It was a week after Laney's corazón break

"Hey kin kon!" Laney said, not telling the leader hi. And ever since then she did not come out her room. She was to busy crying. Until she got a scheme.
Earlier transition.
She knocked on Lenny's door. " What's up Laney," Lenny asked. "Will tu go out with me to the movies," Laney asked. " Sure," he said. " Okay bye!," he said. "See tu at 7!," she said.
At that time transition
"Okay, let's practice," Corey said. And Trina came and drama started....
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posted by sparkles3
Peaceville, 1700's

Laney got the first note a week after IT happened. IT was when Corey, her boyfriend for a month, best friend for life, had taken the blame for some terrible thing Laney had done. Again.

This time, though, the consequences were irreversible.

Laney had killed three people. Corey knew he would be hanged, but he covered for her anyway. The law enforcement had forced her to watch as the life drained from his eyes, which found hers at the last minute, as he choked out the word; 'Run.'

And run she did.

For a week, Laney had holed up in her room, not speaking to anyone, not sleeping,...
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posted by jeweleryfan11
Chapter 1: The big news
"Hello fellow grojbandians! Guess who is gonna go back to GRAVITY FALLS!,"Corey Riffin, the leader and guitarist of Grojband. " Lemme guess us?," Laney, the manager and bassist of the band said. "Wow your good at this game Laney," Kon the batería, baterista of the band said. "Ugh'" Laney dicho while rolling her eyes, "So when do we start packing Core?," Laney said. " Well it depends, Lanes! We should start now!," Corey dicho excitedly. "OK i'm gonna go pack," Laney dicho boredly. An hora later they came back to meet there friends in Gravity Falls. That's the reason they went after Dipper invited them to meet them back in Gravity Falls.
posted by altoida
On one of the future episodes, there is going to be a Corney kiss!

In the future episode 'Metrognome', Trina is absolutely done with Grojband's music. She gets the help of a gnome. The gnome sucks all of Grojbands' rhythm and música into its beard. In order to get their rhythm back, they have to destroy the gnome and the beard.

They decided to blow up the gnome and eat the beard(I know it doesn't make sense, but it will when the air it). I'm guessing that it exploded from the sky, 'cuz they were running everywhere and trying to catch all the pieces falling from the sky. Corey wasn't looking where...
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posted by altoida
This is a one-shot that I thought of and wrote in the middle of the night. tu guys get to read it first! Written from Kim Kagami's perspective(KinxKim) Eveyone is 16(even though there are only three main people in this one). Warning: this is a long one-shot(I just write so much), and it's got some fluff.

My sister and I were in our room, bored out of our minds. And it's not like we could go outside, the sun will burn you, making tu shrivel up and die. So Carrie cancelled practice. I bet Grojband wasn't so happy with the weather either. Speaking of them, I wonder how Kin's doing? *SMACK* Darn...
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I was back on the Neptoon tumblr and learned more! Srry if it is not alot but i only do 13! It is ironic because that is there age!

1. We may see más people when they were little

2. There will be merchandise (i guarantee i am gonna get Corey's hat!)

3. There will be an episode when the band meets. (YES!)

4. Corey is ambidextrous.

5. When Corey dicho tu had me at Corey your the greatest that did not mean anything, they were just being silly (sorry fellow cornies :.( )

6. Laney (possibly. I wish she could but I do not own grojband sadly :.( If i did I would make all your dreams come true) might...
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posted by jeweleryfan11
On tumblr this is what i learned from Neptoon studios:
1. Corey and Trina are possibly not related because they were adopted. o this must be a troll they are doing to us :P

2. Caney may be a thing because on Neptoon studios ship that the most.

3. Trina and Corey (possibly) live with there dad. He was never married. (read 1. after this)

4. There will be an episode with Laney o Corey's room.

5. Laney probably has a diary.

6. They already got there rooms drawn. Wanna see them? Here's the link!: Corey's room; link
living room; link
Corey's bedroom 2;link
Laney's bedroom; link
Living room 2; link

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posted by jeweleryfan11
Sweet dreams from Monster of rock
Good night tu ugly thing
Your skin is scaly and disgusting
Why don't tu crawl back in your cave
tu big greasy creep!
tu stink like a pile of butts and shoes
Ooze away
Sweet dreams!
Big icky creep!
Sweet dreams!

Meh. Thanks for comin' out everyone! Recognize that from somewhere? Find out and tu can message me a song tu want me to write! It can be anything like not only a grojband song but it has to be good. No 1D! más to come!But if this doesnt exept this imma blow my brain!