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AislingYJ posted on Mar 15, 2013 at 12:44AM
I thought it might be kinda cool if we could rate each other's OCs or story characters, like say if they're well developed or too Mary Sue or whatever. So if you have an OC or character that you want help with, either to have our opinions on whether he/she is Mary Sue or too perfect or if you just need help developing their personality, backstory, whatever, then post their bio and we can rate them! Make sure to give lots of info, but especially:
Full name:
Hero/villain name or alias or any nickname etc that applies:
Strengths, weaknesses:
Skills (and powers too if that applies, or anything else notable that applies to your universe):
Occupation, home, education, and any other important details to their everyday life:
Any important character notes like their role in the story/universe, whatever:
Full backstory:
Not to mention, if your character is an OC/fan character then the fandom (and possibly a very brief description if it's a fandom that might be confusing or most people don't know about). And if they're a story character then a short description of the universe they're in if it's different from our own (so like during a certain historical period, a certain time in the future and how that period is different from ours, anything notable really.)
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hace más de un año AislingYJ said…
I thought I'd start, cuz I have an OC that I was wondering if I could get some feedback on. The fandom is BBC Sherlock.
Name: Victor “Vic” Hannibal Watson
Age: 18
Appearance: Victor is about 5’7” or 5'8" so a few inches taller than his brother and of average build, a little on the small side. He has lightly tanned skin, fairly smooth with faint freckles on and around his nose. His hair is brown, fairly thick and cut to an average length, straight with a slight wave, and his eyes are dark gray like his brother’s. Apart from his eyes, he doesn’t really look like John at all, although there is a faint resemblance in his facial features. All in all, he’s very plain looking, slightly attractive, but not noticeably so. In fact, he’s one of those guys that’s not really noticable at all; the one that no one really remembers or picks out of a crowd. He dresses simply, in dark clothes: baggy jeans, usually a dark hoodie sweatshirt, sneakers.
Personality: Victor is quiet and a little reserved; he is on the mysterious side, and listens more than he talks. He may guard his feelings and emotions, but he is never afraid to speak his mind, and tends to do so without regard to how it affects others. He has a blunt, matter-of-fact air to him, and these tendencies cause him to often isolate himself from his peers. He doesn’t really mind, as he prefers to be alone regardless. He has a tough outer shell that takes a while to break through, but once you get to know him really well, he is extremely loyal, reliable, trustworthy, and actually very caring. He likes to be alone or with a very small group of close friends, and he doesn’t always mesh well with large teams. He also sometimes has some problems with authority figures. Because of all his military training, he may come across as paranoid or fearful, and he gets nervous easily, but he is stubborn and often refuses to accept help. He doesn’t always trust strangers and will spend time to judge whether or not they are on his side before he fully opens up, but generally he decides that he doesn't like the person, and it takes a while for him to change his mind. In addition, he has a bad temper and is easily set off, and unlike his brother, he loses his cool very easily. Also, he can be very impulsive and doesn’t always think things through. He is incredibly stubborn and doesn't like to accept help from people he doesn't like or trust (which is almost everyone).
Weaknesses: Victor is extremely blunt and never hesitates to speak his mind, and he is extremely direct and to the point with no regard for others’ feelings. This often prevents him from making friends and he can come across as rude sometimes. Victor is also paranoid, as he knows so much about danger that he automatically calculates the risk in every situation. He tends to over-analyze and overreact, which adds to this. Unlike his brother he can be very impulsive, which gets him into trouble often. He is terrified of guns, despite his military background, and is also highly claustrophobic.
Skills: Although small, Victor is very strong and is trained in martial arts. Also, he has good survival skills, high stamina, and is pretty good at tracking. He’s very good at stealth and camouflage, due in part to his "plain" or unnoticeable appearance. He knows how to use a knife, but, despite his military experience, he HATES guns. Also he is extremely good with technology and can hack fairly well. He is fluent in a few languages and is very good at mimicking accents.
Family/Relations: Victor has an older brother, John Watson, who we can assume is in his mid-to-late 30s (it never really says). He also has a sister, Harry (short for Harriet if you were wondering) who is a bit older than John. John was an army doctor and a soldier in Afghanistan (he was already out of the house when Victor was born and thus, never knew Victor until he was 18) but came home after a near-fatal shot to the shoulder. He lives with Sherlock Holmes and is his assistant/partner in solving crimes. Harry, who is several years older, is having troubles with her ex-wife Clara as well as problems with alcohol. Both John and Harry are canon characters, by the way.
Important details to everyday life: Victor now lives with John and Sherlock's younger sister Marian in their flat at 221B Baker Street. Sherlock used to live with them (although this was before Victor came to 221B) but due to events during the Reichenbach Fall (the episode; look it up, I don't really want to explain it all here, other than that Sherlock "dies") Sherlock is no longer there (because he's "dead". Or he might be actually dead, we don't know. It all depends on if Steven Moffat wishes to hurt our fandom even more). He had a normal education up until age 12, at which point he went to military school. Therefore he knows military things such as how to work a gun (although he refuses to use guns) and various martial arts and other skills. He doesn't have a job besides helping John and Marian (and later Sherlock if and when he comes back) with their cases.
Universe/character notes details: Victor comes into the picture about eight months after Reichenbach, so John and Marian (who is InfinityYJ's OC, not mine) are still getting over Sherlock's "death". This is a bit hard for Victor to grasp at first, as although Harry had given Victor a few details before she turned him over to his brother, it wasn't enough for him to fully understand the impact the event had on John and especially on Marian. Also, despite the fact that he's decided he doesn't like John (well come to think of it there's not many people he's decided that he DOES like) he still feels a grudging respect towards him as well as compassion and loyalty, as exemplified by the fact that John's injury affected him so much even though he had never met John, not to mention that he can't stand to see John upset or hurt. Plus if you don't ship Vic and Marian then you're blind (just kidding..but seriously. Ship it!)
Bio: Victor is the 3rd child of John’s parents (after Harry and John) and is roughly 17 years younger than John. After John left for the military, John’s parents gave birth to Victor (we can assume he was an accidental pregnancy). Because John had already left when Victor was born, he never knew about Victor. Victor had a fairly normal life until he was 12, when his parents, hoping for him to follow in John’s footsteps, sent him to military school. He got his training there and he succeeded fairly well, although he didn’t really like guns which caused him to get picked on a lot by the others. When Victor was 16, he learned that John had gotten shot in Afghanistan and he went back home to be with his family and help John recover. Although he had never really liked guns to begin with, this is where he developed his intense fear of them. After John had recovered, Victor decided not to go back to the military (mainly because of the gun thing), but instead stayed with his sister Harry because his parents were in France. He stayed with her until he was 18, and although it was a rough 2 years, what with Harry's alcohol problems, he was required to stay because she was his legal guardian, at which point Harry gave him over to John.
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hace más de un año bakes2389 said…
5/5 stars.........he sounds like a badass! <3