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AislingYJ posted on Jan 02, 2013 at 09:51PM
This idea is probably kinda overused, but I don't care. Basically it's a boarding high school filled with teenagers that have a special superpower or supernatural skill. The teachers at the school kidnapped the kids, wiped their memories, and took them to this school to train them to fight an unknown danger in the outside world. The students don't know any of this though, they are just discovering their powers themselves, and they try to figure out why they're here. At the same time, strange things are happening within the school, mysterious occurances that no one can explain.

General club rules apply. No OOC fighting, don't be stupid, etc. If you're gonna talk OOC, use double parenthesis (( and )). Maximum of 2 characters per person, one hero, one villain (you can make up your own background characters, such as teachers, but everyone has to follow those.) Before you start the RP, post a character bio, which includes:
Full name:
Grade (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior):
Appearance (add a picture too):
Supernatural power or skill (no more than 2, and they should be related or connected in some way):
Clique/group (loner, popular kid, nerd, villain (the people causing trouble), bully, average kid, cheerleader, jock, etc.):
How they do in school and fighting:
Any other important information (remember, no one knows their past):

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hace más de un año AislingYJ said…
I'll start.
Full name: Kyler James Duncan
Age: 14
Grade: freshman
Appearance: Kyler is short for his age, about 5'4", and scrawny. He has pale skin, average length brown hair that has a slight wave to it and brown eyes. He has a faint scattering of freckles on his nose, and he often wears glasses. Kyler wears plain, simple clothes, usually a dark t-shirt, baggy pants, and sneakers. He usually wears a beanie, mainly to hide his large fox ears.
Personality: Kyler is shy and reserved. He is extremely naïve, which allows him to be easily manipulated and pushed around. He is smart but doesn't want to stand out, so he pretends to be not very smart, another reason that he is often used as a pawn. He doesn't have very high self-esteem, and he is scared to stick up for himself; he is easily trusting and this, combined with his naïvety, makes him unlikely to realize he's being used until it's too late. He is good at problem solving, and he is clever, but not particularly witty.
Supernatural power or skill: Kyler is part fox, hence the fox ears. This makes him able to communicate with foxes and most other animals, and he can turn into a fox, although he can't yet control this power.
Clique/group: Kyler was originally a loner but, due to his weak nature, began being used as a pawn by the villains. They force him to do their dirty work, and he wants them to accept him, even though they pick on him and treat him like dirt.
How they do in school and fighting: Kyler is extremely smart and got good grades, but when he joined the villain clique his grades started to slip. As a fighter, he is rather weak and easily dominated, but he is a good scout and has good stamina. He is good at things where he can work alone.
Anything else: Kyler, although extremely skinny, loves to eat. He has a special fondness for waffles, and will eat waffles with anything. He prefers being with animals than being with people, and he longs to belong somewhere.
hace más de un año InfinityYJ said…
Full name: Andrea 'Andy' Jeane Fenten
Age: 15
Grade (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior): sophomore
Appearance (add a picture too): Normal height for her age. Has black hair and baby blue eyes (when human). When in her "other" form, she has white hair and green eyes. Slightly tan. Human clothing is a pair of simple jeans and tee-shirt, along with a baseball cap slightly tilted forward. Hair is in a ponytail in this mode. I'll include her other form clothing in the picture.
Personality: around others, she's quiet but when she talks she is sass-master of the world. She does sarcasm and is extremely thick-headed.
Supernatural power or skill (no more than 2, and they should be related or connected in some way): Get ready for this-- she's 3/4 dead. So she's 3/4 ghost. So, energy beams and flight include with that...
Clique/group: she's that nerdy kind of kid who can kick some serious ass. Don't mess with her.
How they do in school and fighting: She gets straight B's in all her classes. As a fighter, she's had some troubles figuring out her powers, but otherwise she's legit.
Any other important information: Her hat is her life. She will not go anywhere as a human without her hat. HAT IS IMPORTANCE.
 Full name: Andrea 'Andy' Jeane Fenten Age: 15 Grade (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior): sophomor
hace más de un año AislingYJ said…
And now for charrie #2!
Full Name: McKinley Blaine Thomas
Age: 16
Grade: junior
Appearance: McKinley is average height, around 5'6" and of average build, but with some curves. She has tanned skin that others suspect is fake (the tan, not the skin), and wavy hair that reaches her mid back. She dyes her hair often, but its natural color is dirty blonde (she never leaves it that color). Usually it will be dark brown, auburn, or platinum-blonde, occasionally with another color at the tips. Her eyes are an icy pale blue that tends to pierce into you when you stare at them; her eyes alone frighten most people who try to go up against her. She wears very little eye makeup, mostly because it would lessen the effect that her eyes have, but she will always wear a little mascara, a thick layer of foundation, and lip gloss. She dresses fashionably and on the revealing side, with short shorts or a short pencil skirt, crop tops, sunglasses, and flip flops or sandals.
Personality: McKinley is, no other way to put it, a total bitch. She isn't afraid to break hearts and play with people's emotions, and she loves gossip and starting rumors. McKinley longs to be the "queen", on top of everything, and she isn't afraid to do whatever it takes to get there. She has no regard for other people's emotions, or if she does, she doesn't show it, and she is a total flirt. She is snarky, sassy, sarcastic, and not afraid to put people down. Often she will insult people and then laugh it off, saying she's only joking, but sometimes she doesn't even bother to pretend. She is extremely clever and manipulative, and although extremely vain and obsessed with her appearance, she is not afraid to get down and dirty.
Supernatural power: McKinley has the ability to paralyze or control people with her eyes. However, for it to work, she can't be wearing sunglasses or anything covering her eyes, and the other person has to be staring directly into her eyes; both people have to make direct eye contact.
Clique/group: McKinley is one of the heroes and one of the popular kids. She is also a cheerleader but her position on the cheer squad is in jeopardy because of her grades.
How do they do in school and fighting: Although McKinley is smart, her grades are extremely low (hence why she might be kicked off the cheer squad). She'd rather party or gossip than do homework or training. Although she is not in great shape, she's okay at fighting. She's not very good at hand-to-hand combat, as she doesn't really practice it since her power can avert any fighting that might occur. Despite being seemingly shallow and stupid, she can come up with cunning strategies and is a good judge of whether or not a plan will work.
Anything else: McKinley is extremely concerned with her body image and thinks she is too fat, even though she is of an average build. She doesn't eat very much because of this. She loves cats and even though she is argumentative and disagreeable, she is secretly very loyal.
...it's not letting me upload images. :P
hace más de un año bakes2389 said…
big smile
Full name: Livi Rae Ace (Goes by Ace [mainly Ace by everyone], Rae [by the villain boy that can't remember her name], or Livi-Rae [by teachers])
Age: 17
Grade (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior): Senior
Appearance (add a picture too): link (typical gaia)
I hope this shows.....if not, she has long blonde hair that is parted off to the right side, she has green eyes, she wears a lot of makeup. She wears a lot of black and red; wears heels and takes pride in her appearance, wears a red ring and matching earrings. She also wears a black hat with red goggles for when she trains. She is 5'3'' but wears tall heels which makes her appear taller. She is of strong build, but still has curves and is on the busty side.
Personality: She is part of the popular group.....she plays mean, but she actually is very nice. She cares about everything, even when she shouldn't. She is curious about everything and is constantly trying to improve herself in her powers, schoolwork, and lifestyle. Occasionally snarky.....she can be witty and sarcastic at times, but she is seen as funny only around certain people. She has a tendency to insult her own crowd without them noticing.
Supernatural power or skill (no more than 2, and they should be related or connected in some way): She can fly and is filled with red energy. She uses this energy to make red blasts (blast balls?) and can also shoot it out of her eyes and mouth. This energy can shoot out or she can construct it into object forms.
Clique/group (loner, popular kid, nerd, villain (the people causing trouble), bully, average kid, cheerleader, jock, etc.): Part of the popular crowd
How they do in school and fighting: She is an A student and intelligent. She is always trying to improve her fighting; she tries to challenge herself. She's been at the school for a long time, but still doesn't have enough confidence in her fighting style.
Any other important information (remember, no one knows their past): Has a thing for bad boys and will fall madly in love with villains........they just woo her easily. ;D
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hace más de un año bakes2389 said…
*flys around aimlessly to the beat of the music with headphones covering ears* ((I figured I'd randomly start this....don't hate on me cause I'm bad at this hahaha))