She didn’t know what to do. Sitting on her bed, she stared down at the single rose in her hand. It was short stemmed, the thorns neatly cut off so she wouldn’t get pricked. The petals were a light pink, still bright with color since morning when it was dado to her. She sighed, twirling the stem between her fingers. This girl, Haleigh, gave it to her. Haleigh seemed to be in amor with her and she had no idea what to do about it.

She could reject her. But she feared that Haleigh could do something rash and she didn’t want to be the cause.

She could say yes.

But she didn’t know her feelings about Haleigh yet.

She groaned and laid back on her bed, holding her head in her hands. What was she going to do? She wished she could hide away from the world and think about it. Not having to be in the same reality. Well, she could. But right now was not the time.

Especially since she just heard a knock at the door.
Getting up, the girl set the flor down on the cama and went to answer the door. The person seemed to have no patience and couldn’t stop knocking. She walked faster down the stairs, jumping off the segundo to last step before going to the door.

Almost immediately, she recognized the outline of a girl. Haleigh. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Oh she wished she hadn’t heard the knock. She could have pretended not to be here. But Haleigh probably heard her jumping off the stairs and wouldn’t leave until they talked. So with a groan, she opened the door to the chipper girl.

Haleigh was about eye level with her. Her dirty blonde hair hung down past her shoulders all the way to the middle of her back, everything the same length. Her eyes were a hazel color, a mixture of sky blue, césped, hierba green, and castaña, castaño brown all rolled in one. And unlike the girl at home, Haleigh was into bright, eccentric colores and mostrando off her femininity, wearing a bright blue falda with a rosado, rosa tank parte superior, arriba and heels. And everything on her popped a little because of her naturally tanner skin shade.

“Hello Haleigh,” she mumbled, wishing she would go away.

“Hey Candyce!” Haleigh looked nervous, her hands fidgeting in front of her noticeably.

“What do tu want?” She asked, trying not to be rude. Her one hand resting on her hip while the other held the door open. Compared to the girl in front of her, Candyce was the complete opposite. Her hair was dark brown, layered and covering most of her face in a choppy cut. Her eyes matched her hair, like a dark árbol bark brown, and usually covered in black eyeliner and mascara. And all her clothes were black. That was the only color she liked.

“I was, uh, wondering,” she stuttered. “I wanted to know if, uh…”

“I don’t have time for this,” Candyce muttered impatiently as she was about to close the door. Haleigh’s eyes immediately widened, holding out her hand to keep the door open.

“Wait! I need to talk to you!” Candyce shoved the door a little más before walking back into the house. But Haleigh persistently re-opened the door and followed her in.
“I don’t want to talk.”

“But it’s important!” Candyce was jogging, going up the stairs to try and escape in her room. But it didn’t work. Haleigh was fast, even in her heels, and managed to get into the room before the door could be shut in her face.

They were in Candyce’s room. Dark walls surrounded them, engulfing them. There was a full length mirror at the other side of the room. It was one of the things that really stood out. It almost looked out of place for the gloomy room. Almost. Its frame was brassy, intricate swirling designs laced along its border. It was so clean looking, the glass. Not a fingerprint in sight. It was mesmerizing. This bright and large full length mirror in the room full of black and dark plum.

Candyce noticed her staring at the mirror and found it was an opportunity to grab the flor off the bed, not wanting the other girl to see she still had it. But it didn’t work. Haleigh’s attention was shifted to Candyce as soon as she moved. And her face lit. Candyce still had her flower. She liked her. o liked her enough not to throw out the rose. A small blush came upon Candyce’s face as she snatched the flor off the cama and held it between her fingers behind her back.

“Candyce!” Haleigh squealed as she tried to go and give the shadow loving girl a hug. But Candyce was not a hugging person and began to back away from her, looking back at the mirror. Sensing this, Haleigh still walked towards her every time she stepped back, trying to formulate a way to ask.

“Candyce? Will you, uh.” They were almost against the mirror and Haleigh could have sworn she saw it get a little brighter around the edges. “Will you, go out with me?”

They were right in front of the mirror. Candyce’s face was florid, a bright flush upon her face. Instead of answering, Candyce quickly turned around and stepped into the mirror, avoiding answering the girl behind her. As she stepped all the way through, the mirror rippled a little, a glassy lake with a rock dropping in. And when the ripples disappeared, all that was left was the clean glassy mirror.

Haleigh stood there, her eyes wide in shock. Stepping a little closer, she raised her hand and touched the mirror’s glass, to see if she could go in as well. But it was hard as a rock. A few tears rolling down her cheeks, she turned and ran out of the room, leaving the mirror with a single fingerprint. Her own.