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posted by godmor
This is a database fore all the important info, factions, weapons, races, basally everything on my new Shy Fy fic (serie), it has no título yet, but this database will be updated regularly as the fic takes shape, so please check in regularly, o if tu prefer I could notify tu por posting on the club muro in case of an update, pleas let me know in the commends whit's one tu prefer. ( más races will be adet I got them worked out just not the names fore them when I got Thad I will post them.) Oke now her is the info:

Very short backstory: basikly the fic is about a coalition of races both human and alien, in whit every race can rule there own apace thouw on maters like war and economic the coalition takes decisions together, thouw the individual members are still allowed to fight there own wars, so basikly it will be about those wars, inter spiecey rationschips, and basikly everything in between and beyond.

The Earth Defense Force (EDF): The Earth defense force o simply EDF are the main armed forces of humanity, thouw they wear the name of earth in there name they are charsed whit protecting every human world and fighting humanity's wars, there weapons include evrting frome hugs capital ships and fleets to the individual weapons of the ground soldiers, most of this comes from the Mars colony what thanks the discovery of riche ore deposits on the planet has become like a massif factory.

The Collation armed Forces (CAF): The CAF are the armed forces of the collation, this army includes soldiers and weapons from al member races and divisions of the CAF can be diploid to any warzone Thad is deemed a tread fore any of the member races. Beceas of this the armed forces of member races often find themselves fighting alongside the Coalition brethren on orders of the collation.

Collation Intelligent Serves (CIS): the CIS is the intelligent servers of the collation that focus on everything from espionage to active sabotage, there agents come from all collation races, these individuals are highly trained ant sought out fore their talents. They relay al Intel they gather bother to the collation races it involved and the CAF high command, this has allowed the CAF to strike very preside and devastating blows to the coalitions enemy's.

Important planets:
Earth/Terra: The planet Terra also called Earth is the inicial world and capital of humanity and seen as a symbol por al humans, often called the cuna of humanity the EDF is willing to go to extreme lengths to protect it, the planet today is highly overpopulated and is called a hive planet in whit's most humans live together in massif spire city's, these great city's have there own generators Thad are powerful an of to power an energy shield over the city to protect it in times of danger.

Mars: Mars has became the a massif factory world, producing everything from thootbuses to massif el espacio ships. 40 percent of it factory's produce constantly fore the forces of the EDF and CAF in times of need this number is increased and almost the entire planet will in those case produce fore the war afford.

Human: the human race has chanced little sides it took to the stars, it became más unified but still is seen as the mort idealistic and idealistic of the Coalition races, as they often say are varaty gives us strength.

The Bulge: The Bulge ore a reptilian specie Thad have a proud warrior tradition they believe Thad war is the natural order of thing. They have evolved to cope whit Thad, there scales fore example act as a kind of armor plating, they have 2 reserves of every organ so they wont die from a shot to the heard o lungs, there natural resilience and amor fore war makes them the coalitions preferred ground troops. there appearance is frittering, there skin tone is a greed variant depending on were on whit planet, and family they are from this tone of green my very, most bulge have red eyes, there mythology say Thad is beceas there god coted there eyes in blood so they would never fear it. Many Bulge hire them self out as mercenaries in times of piece to be able to satesvie there need fore violence and war. The Bulge used to be slavers but after joining the collation the complete turn around and have become some of the most fierce opponents of slavery, many worlds have seen a Bulge fleet liberating them from the masters, this interest in freeing slaves improved Bulges-Human relationship enormously and it is now common fore Bulge and Humans to work closely together to accomplish this goal.

The Swarm: the Swarm is a collective name fore many aggressive species of insectoids, thou they are mostly just called bugs, por humans and soldiers alike, these insects very in evly aspect, they are bonded together, por a kind of hive mind, there only goal is to devour entire worlds so al the species can grow in numbers, this makes them a prime tread to any coalition world and when they are spotted in habited el espacio the CAF are often directly mobilized and send after them.

(important) ships:
The sword of Terra and The shield of Terra:
The sword of Terra and The shield of Terra are two ships Thad has been build on earth after the first bug war, the only 2 ships to be build on earth sinds the colonization of mars. The ships are a set and build as a combo thou there purpose are completely opposed. The sword is one of the heaves armed ship in the EDF's navy. It is the flagship of the EFD well acyl only fore the acal active fighting and moveinging. The sword is often called the venges of humanity, it giant this nickname after its first mission in whist it alone completely obliterated a swarm fleet. The shield is its posit, the biggest and heaviest armored ship in de EDF, it is bigger in size than even the greades el espacio station one defriend from stations in the Thad it can propel itself throuw very slowly. the shield infakt is so massif Thad to let it travel even a few light-years from earth would drain the fuel suplie of a entire colonies, beceas of this the ship can only stay in orbit of earth, actuación as the name sugest as its strongest defense, nowan still knows whist ship has más armormends the Sword o the Shield, thou the difference would probably just be a distend guns, it is dicho Thad the 2 ships together are unbeatable and a true marble of human engineering.

Important events and dates:
The first bug war: This was the war in whites the swarm atact humanity watt completely destroyed half a dozen human worlds, at the darkest point of the war the swarm fleet even aproned Terra itself, beceas of this humans send out distress calls in every direction, advantly being heard por the races Thad would later form the coalition and they came to human's rescue, watt advantly gave the further collation the power needed to drive the swarm back.

The forming of the Coalition: after the first bug war the human government decided Thad in order to flures again they would need to work together whit the races Thad saved them, this was the stared of the coalition whist has only grew stronger ever since.
posted by AislingYJ
A little one-shot fun times with Victor and Marion! Fandom is BBC Sherlock, and WARNING: CUSSING. LOTS. Yeah, that’s all as far as warnings go. Oh just some clarification: this is around 8 months post-Reichenbach (if tu don't know what that means, look it up) and let's just say Marion didn't take the incident too well...
Vic rolled his eyes, staring out of the foggy window of the cab as it careened through the sodden streets of London. He felt the gray eyes of his brother on him, but he purposely ignored John, pretending to have found something...
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posted by AislingYJ
Pairing/fandom: Damon Fizzy and Cyr. Yes they are Youtubers and real people. No tu do not have to know them to understand this. No tu will never be able to look at them the same again (maybe).
Warnings: I think this is obvious. Don't like smut o slash, don't read. It's as simple as that.
Background: Meh, it's AU in case tu were wondering. You'll see why..

Cyr groaned as he rolled over in the bed, wincing at the spasms of agony coming from his head. Biting his lip to avoid screaming at the pain that resulted from trying to sit up, he sat blinking in the darkness of the room, hearing...
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added by AislingYJ
Source: Me! (made with Deviantart Muro)
added by AislingYJ
Okay, so I wrote this in 4 days, during my school classes (I'm evil!) and my two of my best friends loved it, soooooo I decided to post it her for your peoples opinions!


The soft wind blew the small girls golden curls around. Leaves fell onto the man’s smooth skin as he walked down the dirt trail. The two of them walked hand in hand towards the sand covered beach, where the moon’s reflection was visible in the oceans salty surface. They walked slowly towards the water, their feet leaving prints in the sand. The cool...
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posted by GlitterPuff
 When she is older
When she is older
I don't know if all the information is right, but it's as much as I could dig up for the story.

This story takes place in the 1915’s in Lithuania. The Russians are taking people who have done terrible things, when in reality, they were just helping their family and/or friends; and sending them to work camps. The father in this story is a Russian soldier, and the mother was a Lithuanian woman.

The girl ran down the street, trying to get away from the man chasing her. He was gaining up on her, almost right behind her. She kept running, not looking behind her. The girl ran into an alley and looked...
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Londres Rafferty, the sly, smooth-talking assassin-retiree, awoke in the early morning hours as the sun peaked in through his bedroom windows. He figured he had to get up now; the sun was just begging him to get up. He slowly arose from his bed; his sheets all ruffled on his side. He looked over at his lady. She was sleeping soundly, purring in low hums. Londres tiptoed over to her, covered her up, and kissed her head before he grabbed his túnica, albornoz off of his door hook. As he draped the túnica, albornoz over his dago tee and boxers, he headed down his spiraling staircase. As he entered the kitchen, he glanced...
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posted by GlitterPuff
Small white specks fly around in the blue-grey sky, the sun barely shown behind the dull clouds. pescado swim underneath the translucent layer of ice that covered the small pond. Some trees are bare, shivering in the cold winter air. Others are covered in a thick green coat, staying warm even with the snow that they collected. animales are asleep, snoring in their caves o holes, resting themselves so they are rejuvenated for Spring. Snow continues to fall, dusting our cars, roads, and homes. The freezing weather frosts our windows, making them harder to see out of.Kids zip up their snowsuits and up into the soft snow, their cheeks turning rosado, rosa as they smile and play. Adults shovel their driveway, making them easier for them to get out, as they watch their children make snow angels. Wind blows the lighter snow up into the sky, re-dusting everything they see.
posted by GlitterPuff
She didn’t know what to do. Sitting on her bed, she stared down at the single rose in her hand. It was short stemmed, the thorns neatly cut off so she wouldn’t get pricked. The petals were a light pink, still bright with color since morning when it was dado to her. She sighed, twirling the stem between her fingers. This girl, Haleigh, gave it to her. Haleigh seemed to be in amor with her and she had no idea what to do about it.

She could reject her. But she feared that Haleigh could do something rash and she didn’t want to be the cause.

She could say yes.

But she didn’t know her feelings...
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I totally forgot to post this!!!! Don't be mad!!! Oh, and BTW, Rene and Twan are through!!!!!

“You know how to bring her back? She won’t end up looking different, o act different, will she?” She chuckled a little and shook her head.

“She will be exactly the same as she was when she was alive; she just might be slightly weaker.” He looked at her, slightly confused.

“So, how does she come back to life?” She smiled slightly.

“Leave that to me…”

“And why should I trust you?” Twan said.

“Because if tu piss me off, after I fix Rene; I could kill tu just with the...
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Twan walked into the infirmary, his clothes covered in splatters of blood. He slowly walked into Rene’s room. Amethyst looked above her magazine, seeing him walk into Rene’s room. The purple haired girl set the magazine down on the table, got up, and followed the blonde haired boy into the room as quietly as possible. The boy sat down in the chair siguiente to the red heads dead body, his eyes watery. Amethyst stood in the back of the room, leaning back on the wall, watching. The blue eyed boy took Rene’s hand, squeezing it, trying not to break down completely. The purple haired girl just...
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posted by -BelovedRobin
Dave gets tu a job as a waiter. soon enough, Dave also gets a katana press against your larynx. He was reciting how tu must, yes tu don’t have any other choice, die in order to reach eternal life. “To reach god tier,” as he states.

Now, tu and Dave were best friends. Well, actually, tu would like to believe tu two still were. Many ask you, do tu know about Dave Strider? Of course tu do, who doesn’t?
The tip of the katana pools around your adam’s apple, it’s silent and cold. Not a single whisper would escape the blade as it slice your head onto the debris cover floor, unlike...
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posted by InfinityYJ
The following series contains over twenty four OCs, all from multiple fandoms (seven fandoms, to be exact.) Don't like, don't read.
Oh, and most of them are major Mary Sue charries. I have a tendency to do that. :3

“So.. there are eight of them?”
“Yes. Eight spirits.”
“...Why was I not informed earlier?”
“Um.. we just found out?”
“Who are they?”
“There’s Fallen, Foreign, Missing, Element, Eternal, and Persistent.”
“You’re missing two.”
“Yes... the two más dangerous ones. Creator and Infinite.”
“Ah. Bring up the profiles.”
“...We still don’t have them...”...
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Bentley ran down the calle to the infirmary as quickly as possible before Rene bled out. He heard a ding from her back pocket. It was her phone ringing. While he was running, he took it out and answered it.

    “Hello?” He dicho quietly into the phone.

    “Um, who is this?” The voice on the other line said.

    “Bentley, this is Rene’s phone.”

    “Where is Rene?” The man dicho worried. Bentley soon realized that it was Twan on the other line.

    “Um… she’s currently dead.”...
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Another Dyr drabble.
Pairing/fandom: Cyr and Damon Fizzy again.
Warnings: It gets a little dark in some parts. Some más mature themes of death, verbal abuse, etc. Oh, and there's some language.
Background: AU, again.
Rating: T. Genre is angst and hurt/comfort.
Damon groaned as he stared into the mirror, trying to blink the sleep out of his eyes. He ran his hand over his jaw, feeling a patch of rough, acne ridden skin that he was sure was smooth yesterday. He must’ve had a breakout overnight. Splashing his face with water, he plodded into the kitchen, where Greg...
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posted by -BelovedRobin
As tu are aware of a story is nothing without a cast o at least a character! Though how do we even start? Well, with an idea naturally. tu can take well just about anything and make it into a fully functional character. However, that brings up the question, what can we do as writers to develop a function character?

I decided to share some ways of how I develop my own characters. 'Cause apparently they are well thought out and good? Eh, I disagree but what the hell.

First off I start with what is known as "Character Layers" and it's pretty simple. I just fell out this list. por doing so, I start...
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posted by AislingYJ
hola guys! Long time no see, eh?
So I just got back from this escritura camp and the hot guys there as well as this one couple that I just shipped so fucking hard (not to mention lack of sleep) inspired me to make a boyband! Um...not sure why. But yeah. Here's the guide to this boy band, Stasis. tu might be getting some drabbles (and smut) on them later hehe

The Members:
Name: Jonathan Lemberg
Age: 20
Height: 5'11"
Skin: pale
Hair: black, curly, messy.
Eyes: dark brown
Accessories: glasses
Instrument: drums, singing

Name: Andrew D'Lacey
Age: 19
Height: 5'9"
Skin: light
Hair: blonde/dirty blonde, straight, kinda...
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