Here it is, Chasing Shadows! Oh and I suggest tu read Knights link and link) first, o else this part won't make sense. And this takes place in the current timeline (as in right now, February 2013) whereas Knights was when I originally publicado it on the other club (so June o July of 2012). Just thought I'd clarify.
She was in the third bed, sitting up propped on her good elbow, the other arm in a honda resting on her chest. She gave a faint smile as he approached the only occupied infirmary bed, her soft turquoise eyes meeting his icy gray ones. “How are tu feeling?” he asked, perching himself on the edge of the bed.
    “Better,” she said. She slid closer to him, her face serious. She sighed, resting her head on his shoulder.
    “Something wrong?” he asked, absentmindedly stroking her dark hair. She merely sighed, biting her lip. She wiped away a tear that was beginning to bead up in the corner of her eye, and he looked away, pretending not to notice. Finally, he spoke.
    “You don’t have to worry anymore. It’s over.”
    She nodded slowly, sitting back up again. “That-that’s the problem though. I can’t not worry. They trusted me. And for awhile, I forgot, and trusted them back.”
    He sighed, and wrapped his arms around her, unsure of what to say. “That didn’t stop tu though. No, it helped you, didn’t it?”
    A tear trickled down her face, and she pressed it into his shoulder again. “I-I don’t know. It just feels...weird. It doesn’t feel right. To think--”
    He cut her off, not wanting to discuss the difficult subject. “You did great, though. And anyway, it’s all over.”
    She sighed and nodded, wiping her face. “It’s all over.”
    They sat in silence for a few minutes, pondering. Slowly, a smile spread on her face. Without warning, she leaned upwards and pressed her lips to his. Momentary shock registered in his gray eyes, but it faded and he smiled, besar her back. Gradually, she broke away, looking up at him expectantly, the heat of the kiss still flashing in her blue-green eyes.
    “For everything,” she dicho softly. They stared at each other for a few moments. The weight of the situation seemed to melt away, the burden lifted off her shoulders. It was over. She kissed him again, this time quickly breaking away. “Thanks, Tesla.”
>:D Did I scare tu yet???? Sorry this part was so short. más on the way!!!!!!