Bentley ran down the calle to the infirmary as quickly as possible before Rene bled out. He heard a ding from her back pocket. It was her phone ringing. While he was running, he took it out and answered it.

    “Hello?” He dicho quietly into the phone.

    “Um, who is this?” The voice on the other line said.

    “Bentley, this is Rene’s phone.”

    “Where is Rene?” The man dicho worried. Bentley soon realized that it was Twan on the other line.

    “Um… she’s currently dead.”

    “What!” Twan’s voice grew loud and angry.

    “I’m taking her to the infirmary now, don’t worry.”

    “I’m coming over,” and he hung up the phone before Bentley could say anything else. He sighed and put Rene’s phone back in her pocket. He ran into the infirmary and laid her down in a cot. A nurse quickly came over. He explained to her what happened, and she took Rene into another room. He sat outside in the waiting room, waiting for Twan to get there. A few minutos later, Twan burst through the doors, spotted Bentley, and came over to him.

    “Is she okay?” He asked, his eyes scared. Bentley shrugged his shoulders.

    “No one has come out of her room yet,” he dicho as he stood up. “I need to go, I’m sure she won’t be alone here.” And he walked out of the waiting room. Twan sat in the chair, waiting, he never left it. A doctor came out of a room, scanning the waiting room.

    “Is anyone here for Rene Oshea?” He said. Twan stood up and walked over to the doctor.

    “Is she okay?” He asked, waiting for a response. The doctor shook his head.

    “I’m afraid she’s gone,” he said, sorrow in his voice, “I’m sorry.” And he walked past him and into another room. He walked into her room, seeing her pale blanket covered body. His eyes watered up as he walked to her. The red haired girl laid there, as dead as could be. Twan pulled of her blankets, looking for where she was hurt. He saw the stab in her heart, and immediately recognized it. He growled.

    “Joker.” He stormed out of her room and out of the infirmary. He went straight to Joker’s hide out.
    Amethyst walked into the infirmary, looking for her daily person to suck the left over life energy out of. A nurse came over and sent her into Rene’s room. She walked in and slowly pulled off her blanket to see her face. The purple haired girl gasped, seeing her face. She put her gloves back on so she could look at her wound. Her purple eyes widened looking at the wound in her heart. A nurse came in and Amethyst turned to her.

    “I need a different person,” she said. The nurse looked at her like she was crazy. “I know her; I can’t do it.” The nurse nodded and sent her into another room. “Thank you.”
    Twan ran to the abandoned amusement park to find Joker. He went up to the docks and banged the door down to his hide out. The Joker turned his head to the sound and smiled.

    “Twan! What brings tu here today?” He smiled he evil grin. The blue eyed boy ran up and grabbed Joker’s neck, holding him up to wall.

    “You bastard, why did tu kill her?” He said, his voice rising. Joker laughed.

    “You know why,” the green haired madman said, “don’t you?” Twan growled.

    “There better be a good reason for killing her, o you’re going to get it.”

    “It doesn’t have to be that good.” Joker laughed. The blonde haired boy growled again, lifting Joker up higher, almost choking him. The white faced man laughed and coughed. “I know tu to well Twan. tu wouldn’t kill me even if tu wanted to.” Twan cracked a smile.

    “I won’t kill you; but I will beat you.” He dicho as he punched Joker in the face. Blood ran down his face, he was laughing still.
    Amethyst stood in the other person’s room. She slowly walked over and took her gloves off, throwing them on the chair. Her purple hair covered her face as she stood over the body. Carefully, she stripped the man’s blanket off down to his waist. Her pale hands touched his body. He was still warm; his blood slowly stopped circling through his body. Quickly, his body went cold. A blue vapor rose from his body and into Amethyst, cleansing her inside and out. She took her hands off the man and pulled the blanket back over him. She grabbed her gloves, put them on, and walked out the room. A nurse came over to her.

    “Are tu done in there?” The girl nodded. “Would tu like me to keep the girl in her room?” She nodded again.

    “Thank you.” She dicho as she walked off and sat in the waiting room. She grabbed a magazine off the mesa, tabla and began lectura it.

    “Might as well wait for someone to come for her.” The purple eyed girl mumbled to herself.
“Daddy?” Bentley looked up at his daughter. “Where is Aunty Rene? I haven’t seen her all day.” The black haired boy looked down.

    “Um… Aunt Rene isn’t going to be around anymore Amara.” She looked at him.

    “Why daddy?”

    “Because she went somewhere…” he said.


    “Somewhere in the sky…” She looked up at the sky, trying to figure out where she went. It took her a couple minutes; but then it finally it clicked. Her eyes watered and she put her face in Bentleys shoulder, tears trickling down her face. He held her close, petting her back. She lifted her head to look at him.

    “Did she do it?” She dicho quietly.

    “No, she didn’t.” He dicho while wiping her tears. She put her face back into his shoulder and cried.