Thane sat at his usual spot at the table; grim as usual. He combed through his sandy blonde hair with his fingers. He was trapped in a whirlwind of thought. His normal tendencies to suck the souls from all the women he slept with no longer seemed relevant to do so. He was after anything that moved. Hell, even some of his new teammates had helped relieve him whenever they noticed him out of sorts. He felt ashamed; he no longer was the same Grim he used to be. He was growing wimpier día por día and his confidence was draining. In the inside, he was still the half-demonic prince of Death, but on the outside, he was just another mortal peasant. His fathers, Death and Satan, surely wouldn't be pleased. Even his own "sister," (if he could even call her that) Nyx didn't want him. She used to tease him relentlessly and promised that when the time came, her soul was his for the reaping. However, as his time on Earth progressed, she no más wanted him than any other woman in his life. He had to resort to pleasures from cheap whores down the road, himself, o from his teammates that felt sorry for him and his uselessness. What bothered him the most was that his own best friend, Alucard, barely noticed him. Thane felt cast aside….but maybe he was to be blamed for the sudden awkwardness in their relationship.
He rested his head on his arms and closed his eyes. Maybe sleep was all he needed. As he was drifting off into the NREM stage of sleep, he heard a clanking noise. He slowly opened his blood-red eyes, only to see that his nemesis, one of the newer members of his squad come in. Evan Stipple, the seductress gang leader of the Crimson Caines, walked into the room as if she owned the place; her long golden curls bouncing as she swayed, and her red lips looking as succulent as ever. Thane found her attractive, but she was the kind of woman whom he wanted to suck her soul……just to end her existence. He closed his eyes once more, vaguely listening to what she had to say to the squad.

"Alucard, I've brought tu a surprise. I think she'll be useful on our siguiente recon mission," Evan said, gesturing to Alucard, sitting at the head of the mesa, tabla of misfits. "Sloan get in here!" Evan called out.

A tan girl walked in, wearing a tad más clothing than the seductress herself. She was striking to look at; spiked dark purple hair and steel grey eyes. She walked in, introduced herself, and began to discuss her mission with Alucard.

Thane still with his eyes closed, was dreaming about 96 and himself….Alucard had brought Thane into another room. They were alone and no one knew where they had gone. Alucard walked over to Thane and stroked his face. In the dream, Thane closed his eyes and right as his lips were about to touch Alucard's….
Evan smacked Thane in the face. Thane jumped with a start in his chair.
"What the fuck, Evan!?" Thane yelled. "I was sleeping!"

"That's not all tu were doing," Evan dicho with a cackle. "You were moaning, and por the looks of it," she dicho as she looked down at Thane's pants, "you were pretty excited." She continued to laugh.

Thane looked down, only to see that he had a massive bulge that could not be hidden in his pants. Son of a bitch…

Evan continued to laugh in his face. "Who were tu dreaming of Thaney?"

He looked at her and made a face of disgust. "Shut the fuck up Evan….I'm warning you."

"Let me guess…. was it Alucard?" Evan asked as she looked over at Alucard at the other end of the table. Thankfully for Thane's sake, Alucard was oblivious to what they were talking about and was focused on Spider8ite. Alucard giving Spider8ite his undivided attention, and Spider8ite's hand placed on Alucard's shoulder did not help the situation; it only fueled Thane's anger.

"Shut your goddamn mouth, Evan!" Thane snapped.

"Maybe I should just go tell him….then we can see if he feels the same about you," Evan cooed.

"Sh-sh-shut up," Thane stuttered. Thane was at his breaking point; he was going to lose it any minute.

"What's the matter, Thaney? Stray got your tongue?" Evan continued to laugh.

Once Evan dicho this, she reminded Thane of one of the lower moments in his life; one he wasn't proud of, but he enjoyed every bit of it. He couldn't take Evan much longer. With that, Thane's flesh dripped off of his once human face, and out burst his skeletal remains. His blood sprayed outward at Evan, drenching her from head to toe. His deathly wail call erupted in her face. Evan, frightened of what she was seeing, took a step back. Thane got up and lunged at her.

"What's the matter Evan?" Thane wailed. "This little skeleton scares you?" he asked as he gestured to himself. "Why don't tu go cry to Derek...oh that's right, tu can't because Death came for him already!"

Evan screamed out and her tears burned in her eyes. "Get away from me tu freak!!!"

"Little Evan uses sex to drive men wild; too bad Derek wasn't impressed…..he cheated on tu with every girl in his crew!" Thane snapped at her.

Evan's tears streamed down her face. "That's not true! None of that happened! You're lying!!! Derek loved me…." She curled up in a ball and sobbed.

"Keep lying to yourself, whore!" Thane screamed once más in her face as his own blood and spit coated her.

Alucard jumped up and pulled Thane off of her. "Thane! What are tu doing? Stop!!! It's me, Al! Come back!!!"

It took a few moments for Al's words to register, but Thane slowly understood and his flesh reformed on his face. Al clutched Thane and rocked him until Thane was finally calm.
"You okay?" Al asked him.

Thane nodded, but then noticed everyone around him giving him the strangest looks. Evan stared at him; her eyes frightened and her body trembling. She was petrified in fear that he would lunge at her once more. Thane looked away from her. He shut his eyes in hopes that all of this was just a dream. Unfortunately, it wasn't. He opened his eyes once more, only to realize, this was his reality. He felt awkward once again and he hated being the center of attention. He broke free of Al's grasp and ran off to his room.