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The trek to the fuente had been going smoothly for the six friends and the Beatles. In fact, they only had to go through three obstacles, which were a wide, swinging bridge, a small cave, and finally, an elevated cliff. Upon reaching the top, the group saw a sign with the fountain's picture. This indicated that they were close to reaching it at last. Rosie exclaimed, "Come on, everybody! We're almost there!" Nicholas added, "Yes! And George's voice will be back in no time!" With this, George became all the más excited and eager to talk once again.

Episode 17: Slow Down Murdoch

The island of sodor gets plenty of freight trains. Sir Tophamm Hat's engines work hard, but sometimes the work is too much, and the engines get too tired.

One of the strongest engines on the island was Murdoch, but Sir Tophamm Hat once dicho that big engines always went wrong. So he decided to order another engine. One that was powerful, but small.

Thomas, and Percy were working at the docks when they saw another engine come towards them. He had four cylinders, four sets of drive wheels, and was a tank engine.

Sir Tophamm Hat: This is Adam. He is a new engine on...
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 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

Toydarians: *Walking towards a runway*

Song: link

Five months after the destruction of the Death Star, the Empire needed an ally. One that was strong, and capable of damaging the Rebel Alliance.

Jabba The Hutt assigned the Toydarian Army to aid the Empire, and this is the story of their first battle against the Rebels.

Toydarian Pilot: *Flying a Class-62 fighter*

The Class-62: link

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

Toydarians: *Standing on a runway, watching más Class-62's flying by. Sixty Class-62's are lined...
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What did tu do?!?!
thomas the tank engine
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Announcer: SeanTheHedgehog invites tu to the Island Of Errol. Hundreds of trains operate on five railroads in the four towns of Mossberg, Hunterdon, Zorrin, and Eastwood. You'll enjoy seeing them all.
Mr. Bruce: *With his engines* Even us?
Announcer: Uh, sure. Make sure tu watch every episode of Trainz, the fun mostrar that features-
Sean: I think they already know what it's about.

Song: link

Announcer: SeanTheHedgehog is, the leader in fan fictions.
Henry: *Stares at the fire, and does nothing*
CIA: *Arriving in helicopters, and Suburbans*
NS Men: *Firing at the Suburbans*
CIA Agents: *Jumping...
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Rosie's old friend, Zack, who is now nineteen years old, has been quite busy for the past few months. After his grandfather passed away because of a corazón attack in May, he and his parents decided to mover back to Manila. When they returned, his father asked him, "Would tu like to pursue your college education, my son? I think tu could still use your diploma to study in England." Zack replied, "Certainly, dad. I'd amor that." He then added, "That means I'll get to see Rosie again, too! Oh, how I miss her so much." His father remarked, "That's right! I'm sure she misses tu as well." Zack nodded in agreement and gave him and his mother a big hug afterwards. Soon, he started applying for his visa and filled up the printed school papers. With a spirit of excitement, Zack thought, "I'm finally going to be reunited with my old friend, Rosie! She'll be pleasantly surprised and happy when she sees me as part of the class now."

Everyone had a delicious dinner, and they even capped it off por ordering chocolate mud pies for dessert. After paying for their comida and leaving the restaurant, it was time to go back to London. They returned at exactly eleven o' clock. As the five friends and the Beatles walked back to the dorm, they saw Rosie's and Nicholas' professor, Samantha, approaching them. She said, "Hello, my friends! How are tu all doing?" Rosie replied, Hi, Sam! We're doing very well. We just came back from Berkshire." Samantha remarked, "How lovely! Did tu watch the Royal Ascot?" Nicholas replied, "Yes, we did!...
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The group's siguiente stop is the Museum of English Rural Life. This museum showcases the history of the English countryside with exhibits on farming, food, and craft. Multi-language audio guides were also available upon request in the ticket booth. The five friends and the Beatles enjoyed looking at the exhibits while using their audio guides to narrate the stories behind them. After going through them all, they bought some libros in the souvenir shop. Their third and final stop in the itinerary is the Motion Simulation Room, which allows visitors to try their hand on driving a range of racing cars...
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After a hearty lunch and creating their itinerary, the five friends and the Beatles started their adventure. Their first stop is the Beale Park, which is close to the Thames River and has plenty of gardens, a giant lake, a mini zoo, and an aviary housing rare and exotic birds. The park even has its own railway station providing free train rides around it. Overall, the group had a fantastic time here. Rosie, in particular, enjoyed taking fotos of the lovely flores and animals. They even bought some souvenirs in the park comprar before leaving.

With the sound of a horn, the Royal Ascot had begun. Everyone watched in awe and cheered as the racehorses galloped around the track. Rosie took fotos of them as well. After the event came to a close, the five friends and the Beatles exited the stadium with smiles on their faces. George remarked, "That was bloody magnificent!" Rosie replied, "It sure is! Those caballos are so energetic." George said, "Definitely, darling! So, are tu ready to explore, me mates?" Nicholas replied, "Of course!" George said, "Great! Let's find a restaurant where we can eat lunch first. Then, we will choose which place of interest to visit next." Rosie replied, "Okie dokie." And that's just what they did.

The group left for Berkshire at around ten in the morning. They arrived after a two hora train ride. Upon exiting the station, the place was filled with enthusiasm and excitement for the Royal Ascot. The event itself will start at one o' clock. The five friends and the Beatles decided to buy their tickets and save the exploring for later so that the stadium won't be full when they return. They then went inside, bought some popcorn, got their seats, and took fotos while waiting for the event to commence.

With summer in full swing, the five friends and the Beatles have started to plan the activities that they will do during the season. As they walked along the River Thames, an idea popped out of George's head. He said, "Hey, mates, let's go to Berkshire and watch the Royal Ascot tomorrow!" Rosie replied, "Oh, sure! That sounds fantastic!" Nicholas added, "We're on it!" The others nodded in agreement. George replied, "Jolly good!" After finishing their walk, the group returned to the universidad vicinity and ate cena at one of the restaurants there. Upon going back to the dorm, they rested for a few hours and went to sleep with excitement for the siguiente day's adventure.

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Hello, my friends. First and foremost, I'd like to inform tu all that I'm doing okay. I just need to tell tu what's been going on recently.

Yesterday, my mother went back to her universidad to do some errands. Now, what happened here was that one of her students from last year's semester lied about not having to be present at the office for following up his application form when it was revealed por one of the staff members that he actually went there. That student tried reasoning with her, but there seems to be no sincerity at all. As a result, she felt offended and disrespected por him. What's...
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Hey, there! Kelly here. Since I enjoyed escritura my first two Q&A lists, I thought it would be great to do another one. This time, I'll be making my own questions. So, without further ado, let's get started.

1. What's your favorito! clothing accessory? My favorito! clothing accessory would have to be watches. I wear a different watch whenever I go outside.

2. How do tu like your coffee? I like my coffee iced with some coffee jelly. If tu don't know what that is, it's basically gelatin with an café exprés, espresso flavor. It's really good.

3. Do tu amor nostalgia? Of course!

4. What's your favorito! milkshake...
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Kelly requested me to write this for her, so here I go.

Kelly, I know you've been feeling down recently. I want tu to know that I'm here for you. If tu ever need to talk, I'm only one bandeja de entrada away. Even if tu just need a hug, I'm here to provide that, too.

I know you've been through a lot, and it's not fair. Of course, nobody ever dicho that life is fair. tu never let this make tu bitter. Don't ever change, love. Everyone here would be heartbroken if tu did.

Whenever times are dark, tu have friends here to mostrar tu the silver lining. To paraphrase the Beatles, "Any time at all, all tu gotta do is call, and we'll be there."

Peace and love,
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Hello, everyone! Kelly here. The following is a timeline of the events that have happened in my fan fictions so far. I've had this in my mind for some time now, and I'll be updating it whenever I write a new fan fiction. Enjoy!

September 18, 1997 - Scruffy and Buzzy, the Geordie twins, were born.

February 24, 1998 - Nicholas was born.

July 10, 1998 - Rosie was born.

March, 2002 - Nicholas visits Ireland. Rosie becomes a Beatles fan.

August, 2003 - Nicholas starts school.

October, 2003 - Rosie starts school.

January, 2006 - Rosie meets and becomes friends with Zack.

May, 2007 - Nicholas meets Bridget...
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As evening came, the group placed their medallas and all of their prizes in the large bag and started the journey back to London. Upon returning, they proceeded to eat dinner. While waiting for the food, Rosie said, "I really enjoyed that treasure hunt, guys. It was magnificent." Nicholas replied, "We enjoyed it, too, darling. And John's retorts to the bullies were very funny and strong at the same time!" "They truly were!" Exclaimed Rosie. John remarked, "I'm glad to know that, me mates. I taught them a valuable lesson as well!" Nicholas replied, "That's for sure!" They shared another high five,...
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The five friends and the Beatles went inside the Botanical Gardens and saw a large "X" painted in the center. Rosie said, "The treasure is here. Let's dig it up!" With their shovels ready, the group dugged until they finally saw the treasure chest. They then lifted it up from the ground together. After doing a big high five, Rosie exclaimed, "Now that's what I call teamwork! We have found the chest!" Nicholas replied, "We sure did, love! It was a fun quest, too!" John added, "Indeed! Hooray for us!" Now that the treasure hunt was over, it was time for everyone to return to the starting point...
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Everyone continued their walk to the fourth location where the last key is hidden, which is called The Backs. This place is a series of gardens and parks that line up beside the River Cam. The group made it after ten minutes. Rosie remarked, "I feel like we're in paradise, mates." Nicholas replied, "I do, too, love. It's so lovely and peaceful here!" George added, "It is, indeed!" After searching thoroughly once again, the group found the key underneath one of the flor beds. Rosie exclaimed, "Hooray! We did it! Now, we can find and unlock the treasure!" John replied, "That's right, Rosie!...
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With their stomachs full and a feeling of satisfaction after finishing lunch, the group left the cafe and resumed their treasure hunt. Nicholas asked, "Where is the third key located, darling?" Rosie replied as she examined the map again, "The third key is found inside the Wren Library, which will take around thirty minutos to walk going there from this point." Nicholas replied, "Okie dokie, mates. To the Wren biblioteca we go!" And that's just what they did. Suddenly, in the middle of their walk, they heard the same mocking laughter again. The group looked around and saw the bullies lying lazily...
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