30 seconds to mars analysis of Hurricane música video

selaharan posted on Jan 21, 2011 at 09:47PM
I've been wanting to write an in-depth analysis of the video for a while now, and I've finally finished it and it's really good, so go check it out!
It's on my blog, or you can just go straight to the post using this link- link

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hace más de un año SecretKnight said…
Hi, Great Interpretation. You grasp concepts deeply and I enjoyed reading this. I saw the movie "Legend of the Guardians" that is how I found out about 30STM. I love the Power in the song "Kings and Queens" Amazing God given voice. From seeing the videos on youtube and other places and after watching the video for "Hurricane" I feel like Jared is speaking through the only Art he knows for which he has been doing all of his life. (video) that is his form of expression. I know that controversy comes from lack of understanding but we all see things from different perspectives. I believe that if Jared knew and believed (even thought he cannot see) ~ that God really does exist and that he sent his son to die for Jared and me and you, the whole human race for that matter. I believe he would not make such perverse videos. Don't get me wrong here I understand artistic ability. I wanted to be an actor since I was 9 but those days are over for me. I'm just saying that if he had more belief and TRUST in God he would not be chasing those "inner demons" Did you know God will put a "Hedge of Protection" around you and your family if you ask him. He loves Jared! We all struggle with "Inner Issues" I see a lot of PAIN when I watch his videos and I can relate to that. I have deep pain of my own and questions unanswered in my life too. We all do. But that is why we are created for fellowship. Don't believe me? Why would Jared care about making such a deeply personal video and sharing it with the world? Just because he can? No. I believe it is because he wants what WE all want to be LOVED AND ACCEPTED. And we do this by our outward expressions from the talents he(God) gave us. How many (including myself) other people would make videos and music like this if they could? ME! I know I would but I don't have the talent like Jared does. Sum up. Amazing video and camera techniques with a story and a purpose to convey and Selaharan you got it!

P.S. Go to link over 9,717,357 views! If a child can believe we all can. WHY? Don't you believe?