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2AM has been chosen as the coolest guys por ‘Men’s Health”!

‘Men’s Health’ gives the Cool Guy Award to their hottest cover modelos each year, and 2AM has become the first idol group to win this title.

The ‘Cool Guy Contest‘ ceremony was held at the Central City Millenium Hall in Kangnam, and 2AM’s producer, Bang Shi Hyuk, served as a judge, which drew más attention to their meeting.

fans who heard the news said, “Congratulations to the true bagel men, 2AM” and “The emotional idols 2AM are now taking on the cool guy title“.

2AM’s Jo Kwon tweeted a foto of each 2AM member’s anterior ‘Men’s Health’ magazine cover, saying,

“2AM’s working out has paid off~~ We’re receiving ‘Men’s Health’s’ Cool Guy Award~^_^*“
During 2AM’s first ever solo concierto last month, Jinwoon voiced his secret desire to release his very own rock album. Well it looks like the maknae has finally begun preparations for his solo!

Jinwoon will indeed be recording rock tracks, as revealed por a Big Hit Entertainment representative: “Jinwoon has personally produced the tracks and is preparing a style of rock música that regular idols can’t perform. He’s trying to capture the essence of rock for his solo project.”

Although the album is still in its production stages, representatives confirmed that he’ll be bringing in talented musicians to form a band.

Jinwoon has prior experience as a rock band member during his high school years, and although he began pursuing ballads with 2AM, he’s always expressed his amor and interest for rock to his fans. The singer has also been consistently practicing the guitar, bass, and drums, and even performed the electric guitarra during 2AM’s nation-wide tour